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extended warranty


TSI World can offer extended warranty on almost any type of IT hardware utilised daily in school operations and in commercial business operations. This will give peace of mind should anything go wrong and negate the need for expensive device replacements.

Our warranty covers a broad range of equipment including: PCs, Laptops, Servers, UPS devices, Network switches, Access Points, Back up drives, Network attached storage, Interactive screens and other audio visual equipment.

Critical equipment (UPS, servers, switches, AP’s) will be responded to within 4 hours. Non-critical hardware (laptops, PC’s) can be covered by an on-site Next Business Day (Mon-Fri).

If your school has any equipment that is over one year old, whether purchased new or refurbished – TSI can offer a competitive quote to cover this! Warranty packages available for cover for one, two or three years. 

our extended warranty service includes
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