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Networking Solutions for schools and business organisations

Having the desired network solution has never been more important in schools for teachers to be able to work efficiently and manage the pupils learning in a stable, secure and safe environment.  Having a solid networking solution offers better security and control over network access.  TSI World can provide technical consultancy from design to full service implementation, including firewalls, switches and wifi access points. This also includes ongoing technical support services to ensure environments are properly working and being maintained. TSI world has experience in designing and implementing networking solutions from all leading vendors including HP, Cisco and Ubiquiti.

TSI World can review and make recommendations to your current network solutions and provide specialist advice to your school ensuring that this is meeting your curriculum needs within your desired budget.  Enabling better network solutions creates a more positive and enriched learning experienced for staff and pupils taking away the frustrations of slow and lagging connectivity.  

All solutions are designed to utilise cloud managed dashboards allowing management of multiple solutions from a single cloud console. 


Switches can connect different network types (such as Ethernet and Fast Ethernet) or networks of the same type.  Many switches today offer high-speed links, like Fast Ethernet, which can be used to link the switches together or to give added bandwidth to important servers that get a lot of traffic.  TSI World offers a broad range of switches to suit all specific customer requirements that are performant, have excellent resilience and easy to manage without compromising and of the power and flexibility traditionally found in enterprise-class switches.  All our cloud controlled allowing easy access for manageability. 


Due to the proliferation of connected devices such as mobile computing devices (smartphones, PCs, and tablets) and bringing laptops into the classroom’s, Wi-Fi is an absolute necessity in
schools for continuation of learning. 
The increase in IP traffic and higher adoption of mobile computing devices are driving the deployment of WLAN solutions. This is because users use their mobile computing devices for sending emails, watching online video content, sending text messages, and transferring files and documents. These high bandwidth applications require high data transfer rate that is possible with Wi-Fi technology.

TSI`s engineering team has strong experience in many of the leading WIFI technologies including: Rukus, HPE, Aerohive, Cisco and Ubiquiti. TSI strongly recommends Ubiquiti technology which provides high-performance networking for schools at very affordable rates compared to other vendors. This is further enhanced with their powerful and cost effective network switch solutions.

Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless Networking Products are available in a range of indoor and outdoor models and is an
easy-to-use yet feature-rich solution for creating highly scalable, end-to-end systems of network devices. Using a single, intuitive interface, the UniFi Controller software conducts device discovery, provisioning, and management ofUniFi devices spanning multiple locations.

Features of this are:

• Scalability for multiple users

• Rapid Deployment

• No Software Fees

• Multiple WiFi networks in same infrastructure

Ubiquiti allows for multiple Wifi networks to be set up (SSIDs) with their own passwords which is ideal for schools to have dedicated WiFi networks for Staff, students, guests and BYOD.


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